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  • Using the FOV calculator: Calculate FOV and imaging distance. The calculator will estimate the relationship between camera distance to the scene, FOV, spatial resolution and precision.

  • Using the datasheet.

  • Manual validation by capturing and inspecting a point cloud using e.g. Zivid Studio.


Although it is perhaps most intuitive to mount the camera perpendicular to a scene, this is not the best way. If possible, mount the camera at a slight tilt angle to avoid reflections from the background, as explained in Blooming - Bright spots in the point cloud. This also frees up space above the scene for easier access for tools and robots.



A lower degree of focus will degrade precision and enhance the Laplacian Effect.

Find the upper recommended iris level that we should use for the given working distance by looking at the table from Depth of Focus section. Alternatively use the Depth of Focus Calculator by selecting the camera model and inputting the closest and farthest working distance. It is recommended to set “Acceptable blur radius (pixels)” to 2.