Approved USB Cables

Zivid 3D cameras come with 5 m copper USB 3.0 cables.

Zivid also provides USB 3.0 cables in 10 m, and 25 m options. These alternatives are optical extension cables which would be typically paired with a shorter copper cable. We supply them with a 0.5 m copper cable.

Use only Zivid approved cables and extenders. Ensure that all connections are screwed tightly in. Using a direct cable from the PC to the Zivid camera works better than connecting the camera via a USB hub.

All the cables we supply are designed for machine vision applications and tested for twisting, bending, and pull force. We provide mechanical reliability test reports for all our cables on request.

Longer USB copper cables are known to be susceptible to data transfer errors if poorly connected. For this reason, Zivid strongly recommends that the cables are carefully checked before use or if run time errors occur. It is also strongly recommended to tighten the M2 Jack screws on the camera side with a screwdriver when setting up the camera. The USB connector needs to be screwed in completely to ensure the watertight IP rating of the camera.

For inquiries about obtaining proven to work extender cables, contact