Robustness, Safety and IP rating


Zivid One PlusZivid Two
Zivid One+ cameras have a robust aluminum casing. Cooling ribs are integrated into the design in a way that makes Zivid look and stay cool!Zivid Two is constructed of both aluminum and magnesium parts to create a lightweight and robust casing. Following the Zivid style, the top plate ribs provide both style and expert cooling. 


  • Zivid 3D cameras are compliant with EN62368, FCC class A, CE, and CB environmental standards.
  • Zivid 3D cameras use a white light source, which is tested against IEC62471 and is classified as Risk Group 2.
  • Connections, assembly, and settings must be performed by competent technicians.
  • Do not connect external I/O signals to the device while it is powered; this may damage the device.
  • Transport the device in its original packaging or make sure it is properly cushioned during transportation.

IP rating

  • Zivid 3D cameras are water and dust resistant and are rated IP65.
  • Zivid 3D cameras can handle vibrations and shocks without being damaged according to the following shock/vibration standards:
    • 5 G Random
    • 15 G Shock