Setting up Python

Select your: OS:


  1. Install the Anaconda Python distribution (64-bit version for Python 3.7), available at
  2. Open Anaconda Prompt:

  3. Install the OpenCV Python API by typing:

  4. Install the vtk_visualizer component by opening an Anaconda Command Prompt and typing:

  5. Install the math3d Python library by typing:

    We recommend using the Spyder IDE that is installed with Anaconda. It is a MATLAB-like IDE for writing and running Python scripts interactively.


  1. Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T keys on the keyboard. Then, check if Python is already installed on the computer. If so typing the below will return the version (Python 3.5 or higher is required).

  2. If python is not available on your PC, install by typing:

    Now install the required dependencies:

  3. Install Zivid SDK (Zivid Core and Toshiba Teli driver are required, Zivid Studio and Zivid Tools are optional for this case).

  4. Check if OpenCL drivers are installed.

  5. If not, install OpenCL drivers on Ubuntu.

  6. Check if a compiler is already installed:

  7. If not, install by typing: