Contrast Distortion filter

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The Contrast Distortion filter corrects and/or removes points that are affected by Contrast Distortion as a result of blurring in the camera lens. In the point cloud, this typically occurs in regions with high contrast (strong specular reflection), and in regions with large texture gradients.


Contrast Distortion filter can overcompensate correction if strength is set too high!

When do you use the Contrast Distortion filter?


In applications such as bin picking, it is common to use matching algorithms based on models for object detection and localization. Using the correction component of this filter can make the resulting point cloud of an object better resemble the actual object and its CAD model.


In inspection applications, it is often desired to keep only the points with high confidence, and hence, the removal component of this filter can be used to remove the points affected with the contrast distortion and deemed of low confidence for that reason.

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