SNR Value

A Pixel Quality Measure

The Zivid SNR value represents Zivid’s measured Signal-to-Noise Ratio where the signal is the projected patterns. The SNR ranges from 0 to 255 (8-bits) and describes how well Zivid can read back the projected signal for a given pixel.

The higher the SNR, the higher confidence Zivid has that it was able to correctly estimate the distance for that particular pixel. A low SNR will have more pixel noise in the 3D point cloud than a high SNR pixel from measurement to measurement.

For this reason, it is recommended to correctly expose the Zivid camera so that the pixels have an average intensity above 32 and under 255 and consequently a healthy SNR value.

A quick tip is to use the histogram function (hotkey H) in Zivid Studio to find your exposure settings and place pixels in the right, the upper half of the logarithmic domain according to the illustration below:

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